Based in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, ADV offers specialized 4x4 & motorcycle tours within Vietnam and neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia. Our travel philosophy is to reach beauty from the remote.

4x4 Travel & Motorcycle Tours

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About Us

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is a great country to ride due to its naturally diverse landscape and multi-terrain. It opens up to an opportunity to take a lot of trails leading to the remote, which mostly remain unspoiled from tourism.

Vietnam is also home of many ethnic groups who keep up their own tradition and culture. The friendly local people feature different ways of communication from the Western standards. You will enjoy the freedom of riding and the pleasure of meeting people at the same time.

About us

Adv is a local travel company. A young brand, but an experienced team. Founded by Mr. Hop and Mr. Tuyen, both with a background of over 10 years of experience in guiding, operating and organizing adventure tours; ADV’s goal is to share passion, experience and enthusiasm with global travelers.

Together with the certificated local guides who have the same “travel philosophy”, ADV takes pride in fulfilling your desire of exploration of rural Vietnam in particular, and Indochina in general.

Our travel philosophy

Over the years, we always have acknowledged the desire from the global travel community to discover the authentic side of Vietnam. Bringing an unique experience, linking cultural values and introducing indigenous communities to the world, is our goal. Adv was born to carry out the mission! A tour with us is not just about the service you’ll experience, it should be a journey of emotion, exploration and sharing values.

So what makes our tours different?

Our route. We connect passionate travelers to remote areas of Vietnam which are unreachable by the crowd of tourists.

Our program. We believe that travelers will not only come to Vietnam to ride but also to experience cultural values as well as meeting locals. Each program of ADV will always fill your day with beautiful travels, delicious foods and new friends. Do not just ride, live a life here.

Our flexibility. ADV always support and accompanies you and your family to have parallel experiences during the same journey in Vietnam.

Our connection. Rich of numerous partnerships and a strong network of companies/agents across Asia, ADV will connect you to Laos, Cambodia and to some other special tours in India, Bhutan, Madagascar.

Our payment. Forget all the hash of bank commissions/surcharges, we offer payment services through credit cards; simple, economical and accurate.

Our stay. All of our tours avoid hotels and facilities in cities or towns. Instead, we stick and connect with local home-stays, and eco accommodations. We believe a new experience will be best felt amongst the local communities, that you stay in.

Our duty. We share profit with the local community and help children.